Galen King | Founder and Creative Director of Lucid. Founder of Kiwipay. Founder of The Bridge Street Collective.


Stewart Knapman, Designer and Developer for Lucid Design. 

Christine Donaldson | Studio Manager of The Collective 

Keni-Duke Hetet |  Founder of Waka Group Architecture 

Chris Phillips | Architectural designer for Waka Group Architecture.

Olivia Van Vugt | Business Partner with RightWay Limited.

Karen Foreman-Brown | Digital Strategist for Hairy-Lemon Web Design-Digital Marketing.

Lenz Gschwendtner | Founder of Springtimesoft Consulting and iwantmyname. 

Amber Watt, General Manager of Lucid

Jo Wigley | Freelance Copywriter and Editor

Greta Baldwin | Graphic Designer for Lucid Design. 

Peter Fierek | Engineer Draftsmen for Waka Group Architecture 

Ernie Chan | Accountant for RightWay Limited 

Lauren Luff 

Simon Topp | Managing Director of Powertech Nelson 

Sandrine Savarit | Legal and Financial French Translator LCTE Ltd



Manuela Vetters | Ideegeo 


Jo Peachey | Commercial Manager at Nelson Tasman Tourism

Caron Proctor | Founder of Tribe and Zen Den

Carl Richards | Author of Behavior Gap, Contributor to the New York times: Bucks Blog 

Tim McFarlane | Designer for Lucid 

Jodie Anderson 

Kieron Goodwin | Turning Point Clinic and Coaching 

Jamila Knopp | Weight Loss and Well-being Practitioner 

Jared Thorpe, Founder & Principal at OptVantage Ltd

John Williams