Desks, offices and meeting rooms to rent

Desks, offices and meeting rooms to rent

Desks, offices and meeting rooms to rent

What is a co-working space?

The Bridge Street Collective rents open-plan desk spaces, self-contained offices, and meeting rooms with casual and permanent membership options.

What are the benefits?

Cost savings

Sharing a space can significantly reduce the cost of renting an office—especially when you take into account all the little extras that are included in your membership including power, fibre broadband, monitored security, cleaner, rubbish collection, printing facilities, kitchen and more.

Be part of a vibrant community

Potential cost savings aside, working amongst other people is the real reason people choose to join a co-working space.

When you are on your own, working from home or in a small office can be incredibly isolating. Or, if you have a small team, developing a great company culture can be a challenge.

Co-working enables you to be part of a community of like-minded, interesting, motivated, inspiring people.

Increased productivity

While it may seem daunting at first—and perhaps even slightly distracting—you soon realise that the ability to socialise, interact with others, and even ask questions or get input, can be highly motivating and makes the workday more stimulating and, ultimately, more productive.

Work in a professional space

The Bridge Street Collective is a bright, funky, professional space.

For people working with clients, it creates an attractive impression when they drop in for meetings and can raise the profile for small businesses who might otherwise work from home or from a small out-of-the way office.

Pricing and online space booking

You can view our pricing and book a space online.

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